What do you get as a partner?

Additional revenue

Additional revenue

Earn a consistent amount per locker or get a commission for every parcel sent and collected from your shop.
Locker hosts earn

€100* monthly per locker

*subject to location assessment
Parcel shops earn

up to €0.30* per parcel

*€0.30 per parcel collected and €0.20 per parcel sent from your parcel shop
New visitors to shop

New visitors to shop

Welcome hundreds of Vinted buyers and sellers into your shop every week, and make them your customers, too.
Average shop in Paris gets

50+ daily visitors

Two ways to join our network

Host a parcel lockerHost a parcel locker

Host a parcel locker

Keep one of our lockers inside or outside your shop without any additional effort from you or your staff.

  • Requires 1.5 m floorspace with access to electricity
  • Fully maintained by our couriers

Become a parcel shop

You or your staff will serve our customers directly, helping them send and collect their parcels.

  • Don’t give up any of your floorspace
  • Scan parcels using the device we provide
Become a parcel shopBecome a parcel shop

We’re expanding!

Join our mission to cover 75% of France by the end of 2024.





Hear from other partners

Our locations pop up in grocery store chains, individual convenience stores, and more.
“Our aim is to always better meet our customers' expectations, and this solution, which combines simplicity, innovation and a contribution to the circular economy, contributes to this. 100,000 customers have already used Vinted deposits at Carrefour, and we plan to accelerate our rollout in 2023.”
Carrefour France

Pierre-Marie Carraud

Director of Merchant Services

Carrefour France

“We've seen a real impact on in-store customer traffic, with an average of 50 customers a day (per store) pushing open the door of our franprixes to access the Vinted locker, which is a real plus for the store, generating significant additional sales in the process.”

Thomas Jourdain

Head of Innovation Services & Partnerships


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