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We’re expanding across 75% of France by the end of 2024, so you’ll find us wherever it’s most convenient for you.





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Join our network as a Vinted Go location and earn more from your shop. Depending on what fits your business, you can choose to host a locker or become a parcel shop.

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Use Routes by Vinted Go to send something other than a Vinted order through our multi-carrier network.

Our story

At Vinted, we’re on a mission to make sustainable consumption first choice. Vinted Go is our way of taking better control of the climate impact of shipping, which accounts for 97% of our operational footprint.

What began as 50 lockers in 2019 has now grown to 5 sorting facilities and 200+ electric vehicles—and we’re still just getting started! We want to be the most affordable, convenient, and reliable choice for shipping your Vinted orders, so we can keep moving toward a more positive consumption cycle together.
*Vinted Climate Impact Report 2021